How I handle tantrums

How I handle tantrums

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I cope with my daughter’s tantrums by talking through what we’re dealing with. “Please stop doing that. If you don’t, I’m going to walk away.” And I walk away and she’s like, “Mommy, I don’t want you to walk away.” “Well, let’s talk about what your issue is and let’s discuss it.” And have a conversation and then we’re over the tantrum. Or if the tantrum continues, I just walk away.

I cope with my son’s tantrums by allowing him to throw his tantrums. I’m there to comfort him. I’m there to support him. I just try to help him help realize why he’s throwing that tantrum.

I cope with my daughter’s tantrums by ignoring them. I think that if you get—give into them it only lasts longer. And they get stronger.

The way we cope with my daughter’s tantrums is by trying to sit down and talk to her. And make her use her words and try to explain how she’s feeling. If that doesn’t work, we send her to her room. Once she’s in her room and is quiet for a few minutes, then she’ll come down and she can usually explain what her behavior was.

If we were out and about, I would actually put her in the corner somewhere and stay with her. And I didn’t care if she screamed in front of a bunch of people because I felt like you have to address it. And it’s not going to be okay for them to get away with tantrums.

Sometimes I need to give myself a time out. I don’t give my kids time outs, but I need to give myself a time out sometimes. And once I’m calm then I can come back and talk to her calmly. And if she continues to scream, then I just kind of walk away or I sit there quietly until she runs out of steam.

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