5 potty training myths

5 potty training myths

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5 potty training myths

MYTH #1: There's a perfect time to potty train
Though most kids potty train between 18 and 36 months, there's not a perfect time that works for all kids. Start potty training when you and your child are both ready.

MYTH #2: Disposable pull-on diapers interfere with potty training
Pull-on diapers can be a good middle step – encouraging independence while keeping the security of diapers.

MYTH #3: Boys are harder to potty train than girls
Neither one is more difficult to train, though boys often demonstrate readiness later.

MYTH #4: Daycare will take care of potty training
It's best if you take the lead and communicate with your daycare so that what happens at home also happens at daycare.

MYTH #5: Potty training is awful, the worst thing ever!
Potty training is a milestone that gives you and your child confidence. It can even be fun!

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