Riddles: Guess with children's stories

Riddles: Guess with children's stories

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1. Guess the riddle, I have a zero on my belly
Angels Navarro
Àngels Navarro, author of several books on ingenuity games, has compiled in Guess the riddle, I have a zero on my belly about one hundred and fifty riddles that, unlike others, have a particularity: the answer is found in its own statement. Guess the riddle, I have a zero on my belly It is not just a book of riddles, it is also a picture book. Mariona Cabassa opens the door to a magical and imaginative world recreating, on each double page, a scenario that sometimes refers to the solutions of the riddles, and other times it becomes another unknown. In addition, this book includes a Workshop on riddles so that you can learn to create them yourself, and you can share them with your family and friends.

2. Learn the alphabet with riddles
Olga Xirinacs
The best way to learn the alphabet is by playing. And what better than to play riddles! Olga Xirinachs has created a puzzle for each of the letters of the alphabet and Ramón Besora has completed the project with some visual riddles that will allow the little reader to identify images, letters and words.

3. Animal riddles
Gloria Sánchez García
In this book, the letters, the words, come to life thanks to the calligrams and help readers to decipher fun riddles and riddles accompanied by good illustrations. A good book to start the little ones in the wonderful world of poetry.

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