Watermelon lollies: For kids to have fruit

Watermelon lollies: For kids to have fruit

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Sometimes parents run into a problem when it comes to infant feeding, and that is getting our children to eat fruit. For some strange reason they sometimes refuse, despite how sweet it is in general, and all this results in this bad habit being dragged into their adult diet ...

But the summer and the heat are allied with us on these dates, giving us the possibility of proposing to our children an advantageous deal: they help us prepare delicious watermelon popsicles and in return they eat something refreshing and very, very vitamin ... Watermelon lollies are great for kids to have fruit and not fat. I encourage you to do it to your children. It is a great snack or a good dessert after the meal.

Ingredients - 1 kilo of watermelon pulp (without seeds) - 200 g of sugar - A few mint leaves Elaboration All the ingredients are mixed and crushed with the mixer. Fill some ice lolly molds with the mixture and put in the freezer. Half freezing we introduce a stick. Once frozen, we take them out of the mold by introducing them under the tap water.

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