Breastfeeding becomes a little-used resource

Breastfeeding becomes a little-used resource

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Nowadays it is very common to come across, in the middle of the street, in a park or in a supermarket, with a mother breastfeeding her baby. No matter the place, the important thing is that your baby does not lack milk, that breast milk is a well-used resource, and that the baby is better fed.

Although we come across these types of scenes, I think that every day more women do not follow the recommendations of the World Health Organization, which requires at least 6 months of exclusively maternal breastfeeding for the baby. Only 25% of babies less than 6 months old drink only breast milk. I wonder why breastfeeding is becoming a very underused and valued resource. On the one hand there is the aesthetic factor. The mother panics just thinking that she can get saggy breasts. On the other, there is a lack of patience and persistence. Breastfeeding, like any other measure, takes time and practice. You can't give up the first time. In addition, guidance on the best way to breastfeed is not lacking. And apart from all that, there is the time factor. Not having

Time has already become the perfect excuse for not doing many things. Many nurseries are already sufficiently prepared to feed babies with their mothers' milk. I think that if a mother decides not to breastfeed for any of these reasons, it is because she lacks some awareness or knowledge. The nutritional, growth and development benefits of breast milk for the baby are enormous. It makes them less vulnerable to disease, and even represents an economic saving for the family. Buying milk, bottles, as well as having other expenses that involves resorting to substitute formulas for breast milk, costs a lot. I recognize that breastfeeding or not breastfeeding your child is a personal choice and decision and a right of each mother. By one option or another, she will not be a better or a worse mother. However, I also recognize that it is not only the health of the baby that wins with breast milk. The mother is also favored. Well, both. The mother-child relationship becomes much closer because the mother not only shares milk with her child, but also time, emotions, and communication. Vilma Medina. Editor of our site

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