Spain exports semen samples on demand for artificial insemination

Spain exports semen samples on demand for artificial insemination

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Although it seems that nothing that happens in the world no longer surprises us, there are still facts that can leave us with our mouths open. I just learned that the Valencian Infertility Institute opened an Internet service to export semen samples of different characteristics to artificial insemination. A woman who wants to be artificially fertilized can choose, to the letter, the semen of a man according to the characteristics you want, that is, with light or dark eyes, with brown or white skin, with wavy or straight hair, tall or short stature, etc. Of these early donors, there are only two African-Americans, and most have brown hair and brown eyes, are between 19 and 25 years old, and are college graduates.

In Spain, the Law on Assisted Reproduction Techniques (2006) prohibits selecting the characteristics of biological parents even in fertility treatments. It is the assisted reproduction centers who, depending on the appearance of the parents, choose the most suitable donor. However, in other countries such as Belgium, Brazil, Panama and Switzerland, there is no impediment. Since they started this service, the IVI has already sent 250 samples, and in just 7 months, to these countries. Each shipment of semen preserved in dry ice costs 175 euros if it is intended for an in vitro fertilization treatment, and 250 euros if it is an artificial insemination, a technique that requires more sperm. International semen banks have already existed for years in other countries such as the United States and Denmark. The case is not to be against or in favor of this type of service. Scientific advances must be respected. However, whether you select the color of a dress you want to wear, or the type of food you want to eat, or the car you want to drive, seems understandable to me. But choosing the appearance of the future baby you will have, the color of his skin, of his hair, if slanted or almond-shaped eyes, seems like too much selection. At this rate, what kind of society are we creating? What kind of values ​​are we living?

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