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1. Raising an only child. Guide to avoid the most common mistakes
Raising an only child is a practical guide, written with humor, that will help you discover and avoid the most common mistakes that parents of an only child make in their education.

2. Limits to children
Cornelia Nitsch, Cornelia Von Schelling
Are you one of those parents who, for fear of being too authoritarian, resist imposing limits on your children? Or do you want to be consistent with your children when it comes to the rules, but don't know how? Children need affection, but also clear limits, to feel safe and protected, orient themselves properly, find support, experience union with the family, have confidence, courage and autonomy, become adults.

3. Freedom and limits, love and respect
Rebecca Wild
If in her previous books Rebeca Wild emphasized the importance of providing children with the possibility of giving themselves freely to their own development processes and of carrying out the appropriate activities for this in a prepared, active, free and non-directive environment, in this book the author emphasizes the need to complement this freedom with useful and logical limits.

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